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Are All Exercise Balls the Same?

Are All Exercise Balls the Same?

Are All Exercise Balls the Same?

We see all of the infomercials on TV talking about the different types of exercise equipment and how each one is so much better than the rest. It then provides you with a 1-800 number throughout the infomercial wanting you to buy the product and may even offer you a special deal for ordering during the broadcast. There is, however, a piece of exercise equipment that is rather affordable and can actually yield results. As simple as it may seem, it is in no way boring because of the many different exercises associated with it. It comes in different colors, brands, and even sizes. So what is it? Believe it or not, this piece of exercise equipment is the exercise ball.

The exercise ball works the body’s core. By toning this area, the rest of your body receives additional support and stability. In other words, it improves your overall balance. The exercise ball has become a very important part of core workouts and has resulted in another one of those revolutionary ways to tone and strengthen your body.

Now you’re probably wondering why there are so many companies selling expensive exercise equipment when something as simple as a ball can provide results. Well, that is more or less up to companies selling these units. As for you, the exercise ball gives you another possibility toward strengthening your body.

This giant inflatable ball is strong enough for a person to sit on, lie on, and lean on. The idea is for you to be able to balance yourself upon it without rolling over. What this does is put your core muscles to work, which in turn strengthens them. As for what exercises you can do with an exercise ball, there are books and videos available and even gyms conduct exercise ball classes for core training. Some of the most basic exercises involve sitting on the ball and doing what resembles sit-ups or even doing pushups against the ball while keeping it stable.

However, as simple as it sounds to buy a large rubber “ball,” There is a little bit of work involved because exercise balls certainly don’t come in just one size. The most common sizes are:

– 30 cm for those under 4’6″

– 45 cm for those 4’7″ to 5’3″

– 65 cm for those 5’4″ to 6’0″

– 75 cm for those 6’1″ to 6’7″

Many of these exercise balls are burst resistant and their firmness can vary. It is up to you what kind of firmness you need because everyone’s comfort level varies. Also, your height is going to determine what size you need. That means your exercise ball preference is going to be different than the person next to you. They may be of a different height and require a different firmness, so you probably won’t be able to borrow their exercise ball if you need to at any time.

There are so many different variations that it can actually be a tough decision. It is also possible to find an exercise ball with feet, so not only is the selection vast, but they are actually pretty fun. The exercise ball can make exercise anything but boring when working on those external and internal obliques and the abdominal muscles. Your core muscles are what transfers power between the upper and lower portions of your body and there are so many exercises that can be done to get your body in shape. That definitely eliminates the need to call that 1-800 number to buy that super expensive piece of therapy equipment when an affordable piece of equipment like the exercise ball is so easy to obtain.

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