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Does Your Therapy Clinic Need Intelect Legend Ultrasound Equipment?

Does Your Therapy Clinic Need Intelect Legend Ultrasound Equipment?

Does Your Therapy Clinic Need Intelect Legend Ultrasound Equipment?

If you are shopping for ultrasound equipment for your therapy clinic, you need to consider the Intelect Legend model. With excellent features and an ergonomically designed body, you can benefit greatly from adding this model to your equipment closet. After all, with all of the benefits of ultrasound for your patients, shouldn’t you invest in a great model for your clinic?

Benefits of Ultrasound Treatment

If you have not yet added ultrasound to your clinic’s therapy options, you should seriously look at the benefits of this treatment. Ultrasound machines give you the ability to heat tissue deep within your patient’s body, without causing discomfort to your patient. This can help heal muscle damage, break up scar tissue, and even relax tense muscles. Ultrasound therapy can also help reduce pain and chronic inflammation.

Features of the Intelect Legend Ultrasound Machine

The Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine is a great fit for most clinics. The LCD display is backlit and very bright, making it easy for your therapists to see the readout. The Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine comes with conductor gel and a 5 cm soundhead, so you will be ready to use it when you remove it from the box. If you wish to have greater flexibility with your device, you can purchase option 2 cm and 10 cm soundheads.

The Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine is a dual frequency clinical ultrasound system. The dual frequencies are 1 and 3.3 MHz. You can choose between a continuous and a pulsed delivery. The unit can warm the soundheads for greater patient comfort. Cattanooga offers a 2-year warranty on their Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine.

Benefits of the Device

The applicator on the Intellect Legend Ultrasound machine is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for your therapists to deliver the treatment. The applicator’s handgrip has a comfortable 20-degree contour in its design. Also, the user interface is simple to understand, and the controls offer tactile touch control, allowing your therapists to make changes with a click of a button. Images on each button make it clear what it is supposed to do.

The Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine also features several automatic settings that contribute to its ease of use. For instance, the Electronic Signature feature allows the machine to calibrate automatically to the soundhead you place on the applicator, no matter which size you choose. This technology is unique to the Intelect Legend and is currently pending a patent. You can also program the start-up presets, allowing you to customize the device to your clinic’s unique needs.

Beyond these design and technology benefits, the Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine has a low price when compared to the number of features on the machine. Most machines with this level of customizability and user friendliness cost quite a bit more than the Intelect Legend. So, if you are looking for an affordable, yet high quality, ultrasound device, then this is the one for your clinic.

Is the Intelect Legend Right for My Clinic?

To answer this question, you need to decide what you are looking for in an ultrasound delivery device. If you want something compact with a variety of options, easy to use controls, and a low price, then the Intelect Legend Ultrasound machine is the right choice for your clinic. The device comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can have it fixed if you have any problems. Just remember that you will not be able to return the device for a refund after you have used it, since the Intelect Legend Ultrasound device is a Class II Medical Device. Returning Class II devices is against FDA regulations, so make sure this is the one you want before you make a purchase.

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