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Physical Therapy and Kids

Physical Therapy and Kids

There are many reasons as to why children may need physical therapy. It could be because they have cerebral palsy and they need physical therapy to help them move their bodies easier or perhaps they broke a leg, or they may have weak muscles somewhere in their body. Even those with brain injuries may need to see a physical therapist since the brain has a lot to do with the functioning of muscles and knowing how to do things such as sit, walk, and roll.

There are a number of different conditions and injuries that require physical therapy in children. There is even one such condition called Jumper’s knee that becomes a problem for a lot of children and adolescents. If the child complains of tenderness and pain around the bottom of the kneecap, then this might be the problem. Kids who are involved in sports tend to have this problem during growth spurts. A physical therapist may use heat and ice as well as ultrasound to gain control over the pain and any inflammation. The physical therapist also works on strengthening the knee and creating a balance through exercises such as posture exercises.

However, children are always severely spraining ankles, breaking legs, arms, hands, and feet. They may pull something somewhere or tear a muscle during physical activity. All of these incidents call for some kind of physical therapy whether short-term or long-term. Physical therapy is important in children who have injured a part of their body because an injury can actually stunt growth, so it is important to make sure proper growth is inhibited by creating proper alignments and balances within the body.


There are different types of equipment that may be used with children who are going through physical therapy. An example is a safety belt that prevents the child from falling down or stumbling when they are learning how to walk. Crutches may also be used and the child and parents will be instructed on how to use them when the child encounters such obstacles as stairs. Children may also be required to wear a safety belt while learning how to walk on crutches so they do not injure themselves further.

Other types of equipment include:

Walkers made just for children that help them learn to walk.

Toys such as balls, swings, benches, and slides. Toys are an important tool because it encourages the child to work their muscles through fun.

Ultrasound devices that are used in controlling pain and inflammation.

Therapy balls are kind of like exercise balls, but they are made in smaller sizes for children

Therapy rolls are like long noodle type objects that the child can lean on, roll on, and simply have fun with.

Steps, incline mats, and hurdles can create a great physical environment for a child because these objects encourage them to climb and jump.

Many of the different types of physical therapy equipment that is used promotes physical activity in some way. Then there are others types of equipment that is used in reducing pain and inflammation and helps restore a balance within the injured area. There seems to be a little something for every situation for every single age, whether it be devices to help a child walk or to rehabilitate a muscle that has been torn. With sports becoming so intense nowadays, sports injuries are very prevalent and a physical therapist is required for the healing process. Then again, children are born with conditions that physical therapy can provide relief for. That is why it is important that the proper equipment be available to help these children.

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